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Sous Vide is a precise, temperature-controlled process which yields a scratch kitchen quality product with consistent flavor, minimum labor, and devoid of many safety concerns.

Our Sous Vide Service

Protein Sourcing

  • Sous vide, cooking under vacuum, is a low & slow cooking process in a water bath.

  • It is not just for high cost cuts but also for traditionally tough cuts which can have better value.

  • We will source with-in your standards to help find the best protein fits for your product.

  • Our experience and volume in sourcing will help identify the best price, consistency, and freshness.


  • Proteins will be custom cut to your specifications.

  • Ensures a consistent product and quality with no labor to our customer.

Customized Flavor

  • Create a flavor profile from anywhere in the world.

  • The marinade process will add flavor and ensure a tender product.

Sous Vide

  • Proteins will be cooked to a precise degree offering no room for overcooking and is always uniform.

  • Sous vide products will be high yield with excellent shelf life.


  • Products can easily be reheated while still in bag or finished through a number of techniques with high quality results every time. 


  • Our packaging flexibility suits products across food service, retail, institutional, and other sectors.