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At EW Grobbel, we share your passion for excellence.  In fact, our mission statement is “to serve our customers with expertly crafted food products through continuous innovation and engaging people in a culture of respect.”  To us, this isn’t just a slogan, but a course for a never-ending journey.  For over 135 years, we have pursued that goal, and today we maintain the highest-level certifications for both Food Safety and Food Quality.

Food Safety Culture

All team members, regardless of job position, are responsible for doing their part in ensuring food safety and food quality. Any team member seeing a problem with food safety or food quality has the authority and responsibility to stop the process until we get it right. We are committed to upholding the highest standards. This starts with a culture of respect, where we are intolerant of disrespect. This includes respect for each other, our facility, equipment, and ultimately the food we create.

HACCP & Sanitation Plans

Our team of food safety experts, with degrees in microbiology, food science, and biosystem engineering, diligently work to ensure that all aspects of our facility are safe and that our rigorous sanitation standards are upheld. Our Food Safety Process is monitored by Operations personnel and verified by Quality Assurance and USDA-FSIS personnel. Both Food Safety and Quality programs are verified through statistical process control and validated using scientifically sound methodology.

SQF Practitioner & Auditor Certified

EW Grobbel is SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Certified for both Food Safety and Food Quality.  This is the highest-level certification available and incorporates standards for both food safety and food quality.  Certification is achieved and maintained through routine audits by an independent third-party certification body.  SQF incorporates senior management commitment, food safety (HACCP principles), and quality objectives. To gain SQF certification, a facility must undergo an on-site audit by a certified auditor that is approved for the product category they are auditing.  EW Grobbel has maintained continuous SQF certification since 2009.  

EW Grobbel has implemented these additional programs:

  • Food Safety and Quality Policy
  • HACCP Plan for Food Safety
  • HACCP Plan for Food Quality
  • Supplier Approval Program with Animal Welfare Requirements
  • Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) program.
  • Recall/Market Withdrawal Procedure, which provides for trace-back and track forward capabilities
  • Pest Control Program
  • Allergen Control Program
  • Food Defense Program
  • Food Fraud Program
  • Foreign Material & Glass Control Program
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Employee Safety Program
  • Complaint Management Program
  • Cold Chain Management Program