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SERVICE… it is a word that means different things to different people. At EW Grobbel, SERVICE means dedication to our customers, our employees, our products, and our respective families through providing great quality food items.

Our Heritage

EW Grobbel is a family food company that was established in 1883 by Emil Wilhelm Grobbel. The foundation of the organization is centered around growing and developing each employee, both personally and professionally while producing premium quality food products. Headquartered in Detroit's historic Eastern Market, EW Grobbel specializes in whole muscle meat proteins and pickle products. The company gained a national following with its "Grobbel's" brand of products. We are best known as "America’s Oldest Corned Beef Specialist". Recent expansions include acquisitions of the Detroit processor, Sy Ginsberg's Meat & Deli (est. 1982) along with produce specialist, Topor's Pickle Company (est. 1960).  These strategic subsidiaries have allowed EW Grobbel to focus more on the traditional deli industry, while at the same time achieving growth and spurring innovation. EW Grobbel premium products are distributed throughout Michigan and via hundreds of distribution centers across the United States.

Our Purpose

To unite communities through food

for generations.

Our Mission

To serve our customers with expertly crafted

food products through continuous innovation

and engaging people in a culture of respect.

Our Core Values

  • Live with intensity, integrity & intentionality
  • Strive for continuous self-improvement
  • Endeavor to always under-promise and over-deliver
  • Work with gratitude for the privilege


1. Inspire Vocational Development

  • Discover the joy of work.
  • Transition from a job to a successful career.
  • Transition from a career to a vocation, which is one’s life purpose.

2. Practice Encouragement with Accountability

  • Encourage team members to identify their strengths.
  • Guide team members to accept their weaknesses.
  • Demonstrate how these strengths and weaknesses create team interdependence.
  • Develop a spirit of selflessness towards other team members.

3. Pursue Sustainable Efficiency

  • Develop a spirit of conservation of all materials.
  • Understand the proper care and use of all tools and equipment.
  • Develop awareness of the value of each team member’s time.
  • Create sustainable solutions to protect environmental resources.

4. Channel Innovation into Solutions

  • Deliver quality and value every time.
  • Deliver consistency in customer and consumer experience.
  • Continue to hone and refine our processing expertise.
  • Exceed each customer’s unique expectations.

5. Foster a Culture of Respect

  • Demand an environment intolerant of disrespect.
  • Prioritize personal safety and well-being.
  • Accept and celebrate each team member’s uniqueness.

6. Build an Organization to Last

  • Instill the importance of delegation and successorship.
  • Integrate a culture of non-negotiable food safety.
  • Strive to be a positive impact on our community.

Our Commitment to Quality

We start with the highest quality cuts of meat. Next, we use only the freshest ingredients available, giving EW Grobbel products their consistently superior flavor. Finally, we prepare our products by hand-trimming every piece in the old-world tradition. At EW Grobbel, we believe that individual attention to detail will ensure the quality necessary to bring your customers back time and time again.