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The Conventional Service Deli of The Past is Unsustainable:

  • Requires tremendous amount of labor
  • Waste of department creates negative consumer perception with todays focus on sustainability
  • Required amount of space the department takes up is significant
  • Cross Contamination risk is too great with the focus on health and wellness in modern consumer

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The Future Deli of Tomorrow is Gourmet:

  • Pre-Sliced and Pre-Packaged for increased food safety
  • More convenient and efficient consumer shopping experience
  • More sustainable
  • High quality options
  • Improved Selection

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Post Pandemic Deli Habits:

According to the latest stats from IRI, the overall category for sliced meats is seeing huge increases over previous year’s numbers.  Even before the pandemic, supermarkets offered the pre-sliced and packaged options, but it was a very small part of total sales. However, the amount of people looking for these product has now soared.  On average, the sliced deli meats and cheeses have been trending up on average around 30% year-over-year since the beginning of the pandemic.  

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Grobbel's Gourmet

  • Fresh Sliced - Natural Texture
  • Convenient Package size - 8oz
  • Several Varieties
    • Oven Roasted Turkey
    • Black Forest Ham
    • Smoked Turkey
    • Roast Beef
    • Honey Ham
    • Corned Beef
    • Smoked Pastrami

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